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Nia Lovelis is an American drummer, who is most likely known for being the drummer to the American pop-rock band Hey Violet.


Nia Lovelis or Szatania Angelika Morze Enea was born on January 1st, 1997, in New York but was raised in Orangetown. Nia and her younger sister Rena Lovelis loved music and the performing arts from a very tender age, courtesy of their parents who were music professionals in different specializations back then.

In 2008, Nia together with a few other girls with musical talent and interest formed Red Shadow an all-girl, hard-rock music group while in middle school. The founding members were Julia Pierce, the lead vocalist, and guitarist Miranda Miller as the backing vocalist, keyboardist, and rhythm guitarist. Then you have Nia Lovelis in charge of drums, percussion, and backing vocals and finally Marianna Vartanyan who sees to bass guitars and backing vocals.In 2009, the band changed its name to Cherri Bomb, and Nia's younger sister Rena joined the band, taking Mariana's place.

They later signed a lucrative deal with Hollywood Records on June 14, 2011, and it was here they released Stark their debut extended play in October of 2011. By 2013 however, the bands front-woman parted ways with them and this led to the remaining member’s rebranding the band as ‘Hey Violet’, a name they still go with till today.