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"From The Outside" is the 2nd studio album by the American pop-rock band Hey Violet. It was released on June 16th, 2017, by Hi or Hey Records and Capitol Records. The album's sound has been described as "post-EDM pop rock". An exclusive version of the album was released at Target, featuing three bonus songs.

Critical reception

The album received generally positive reviews. AllMusic's Heather Phares gave the album a score of three out of five stars, highlighting the singles "Break My Heart" and "Guys My Age", as well as the songs previously included in their EP Brand New Moves (its title track and "Fuqboi"), saying: "While Hey Violet sometimes seem to have more personality than their material on From the Outside, they handle the album's many stylistic shifts without giving listeners too much sonic whiplash." "Guys My Age" was named one of the Best Songs of 2016 by The New York Times, who called it 'teen-pop's revenge: an urgent dark song about sexual rebellion' and one of the 20 Best Songs of 2016 by V Magazine. Idolator says the second single "Break My Heart" is a 'monstrous electro-anthem' and declares, the band is 'destined to have a massive year.' Alternative Press calls the track 'irresistible,' while Nylon raves, 'Hey Violet knows how to write a good pop hook and 'Break My Heart' is a testament to that. This song has spunk. Jon Winkler of The Young Folks gave a highly positive review, saying: 'Equal parts scrappy and crafted, From the Outside is a strong and memorable debut album from a band that thrives on the one thing all young bands seem to forsake: spunk. Substream Magazine's Gabriel Aikins calls the album a 'good, bold step into the future,' and adds that the songwriting 'never fails.


Chart Peak Position
Belgian Albums 153
US Billboard 200 110
Australian Albums  67
US Heatseekers Albums 2


Original Tracklist

# Tittle Writers Producers Lenght
1. "Break My Heart" Iain Shipp, Casey Moreta, Miranda Miller, Nia Lovelis, Rena Lovelis, Kristian Lundin, Cory Enemy, Scott Mehner, Julian Bunetta, Clément Piccard, Maxime Piccard' Bunetta, Enemy, C. Piccard, M. Piccard 3:29
2. "Brand New Moves" Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta Bunetta 3:47
3. "Guys My Age" R. Lovelis, N. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta, Bunetta, John Ryan, Henry Walter, Ilsey Juber, Jacob Kasher Bunetta, Ryan, Walter, Juber, Kasher 3:33
4. "Hoodie" Bunetta, Jason Evigan, Ross Golan, Kasher, Ammar Malik, Daniel Omelio, Ammar Malik Bunetta, Evigan 3:39
5. "My Consequence" R. Lovelis, N. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta, Bunetta, Carah Faye Charnow, Cook Classics, Tash Phillips Bunetta, Classics 4:22
6. "O.D.D." Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta, Sabrina Louise Bernstein, Ian Franzino, Teddy Geiger, Asia WhiteacreSizzy RocketAndrew Haas Haas, Franzino, Bunetta, Geiger 3:42
7. "All We Ever Wanted" Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta, Kasher,  DallasK, Ruth-Anne Cunningham, Geiger, Shipp Bunetta, DallasK 2:44
8. "Fuqboi" Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta Bunetta 3:07
9. "Unholy" Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta, Fiona Bevan, David Pramik Bunetta, Pramik 3:57
10. "Where Have You Been (All My Night)" Bunetta, MoZella, Juber Bunetta 3:48
11. "Like Lovers Do" Haas, Franzino, Joe Kirkland, Whiteacre Bunetta, Haas, Franzino 3:06
12. "This Is Me Breaking Up with You" Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta Bunetta 2:13

Exclusive Tracklist

# Title Writers Producers Lenght
13. "Cannibals" Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta, Lundin Bunetta 3:31
14. "These Moments" Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta Bunetta 4:23
15. "When Will I Learn" Bunetta, N. Lovelis, R. Lovelis, Miller, Moreta, Juber Bunetta 2:04


  • The lead single, "Guys My Age" was released on September 20th, 2016.
  • The second single, "Break My Heart" was released on March 10th, 2017.
  • "O.D.D." was released as a promotional single one week before the album's release, on June 2th, 2017.
  • "Hoodie" was announced as the proper third single on June 19th, 2017.


  • It is their first album since their name change from Cherri Bomb to Hey Violet.
  • It serves as the group's first album without former lead singer Julia Pierce, and the first with guitarist Casey Moreta.
  • This is the group's final album to feature founding member Miranda Miller, who announced her departure from the band via social media on August 31, 2017.
  • The album is also the first and last album with former bassist Iain Shipp, who was kicked out of the group due to rape accusations.
From The Outside
Tracklist Break My Heart - Brand New Moves - Guys My Age - Hoodie - My Consequence - O.D.D. - All We Ever Wanted - Fuqboi - Unholy - Where Have You Been (All My Night) - Like Lovers Do - This Is Me Breaking Up with You
Exclusive Cannibals - These Moments - When Will I Learn
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